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Why HubSpot is Ideal for Nonprofits

Why HubSpot is Ideal for Nonprofits

As a team with years of experience helping nonprofits with their tech, we’ve seen a lot.

We’ve been in the trenches, shoulder to shoulder with our clients, navigating the hard work and tough trade-offs when it’s time to make a change.

To be blunt, tech change that moves the needle is hard to achieve, and the cost of getting it wrong can take years to overcome. It’s not easy, yet it’s impossible to avoid.

The worst part is, with so many tools out there, it’s difficult to know which is the right one for your specific organization. Knowing how to separate “fact from fiction” and “fit from frustration” is an arduous task.

And while no tool is perfect, we’d like to make the case for HubSpot as your next fundraising, development, content, and mar-tech stack. In our experience HubSpot is an ideal choice in most circumstances.

Already used by over 4,000 nonprofits, including major brands such as the World Wildlife Fund, HubSpot has the features, ecosystem, and support that can solve your challenges, unblock your aspirations, and grow with you.

Here are 5 reasons we believe HubSpot is an excellent, feature rich option for most nonprofits:


1. HubSpot is Easy to Configure & Use

The most heartbreaking cases we see involve a client who has invested a lot of time, energy and budget in a system they struggle to configure and use.

Either the the system can’t do what they need, the setup forces them into work arounds and excessive manual effort, or there is a daily complexity holding their team back from getting the job done.

Your tech should work for YOU, not the other way around.

HubSpot was built with usability in mind. Features and settings are accessed through a clean, straight-forward, menu-driven interface, with helpful tips and information at the point of usage.

You don’t need an engineering degree, coding knowledge, or deep technical training to make configuration changes.

Organizing and tracking donors, grants and members, running campaigns, building forms, pages and reports, and managing users can be accomplished through human-first drop-downs, simple field entries, check-boxes and tabs.


2. HubSpot is Flexible & Powerful

That doesn't mean HubSpot is not a powerful tool, however. Even with HubSpot’s thoughtful simplicity, it has the horsepower where you want and need it.

HubSpot is designed to be the “Swiss army knife” of platforms, allowing you to create sophisticated workflows, automations, segmentation, custom properties, and more advanced functionality without building a hard to maintain, one of a kind system.

Additionally, HubSpot has a huge ecosystem of over 1,000 native integrations and robust features and that will allow you to extend and deepen your stack and speed up your work.

HubSpot is built to give nonprofits total control over their tech and shape it to their needs as they grow.


3. HubSpot Unifies Your Data

Probably the most common pain point we encounter is the challenges of managing and using data. When your data is hard to access, difficult to govern, in multiple non- or poorly integrated systems, the opportunity costs to your mission and your team can be enormous.

Recalling a kickoff call with one of our clients a few years ago, the Director of Development admitted to having nightmares about their database. We were able to help, however to see how their database was affecting their well-being was just not acceptable to us. When your data can’t give you a 360 degree view of operations, and flow automatically to where and to who it's needed, it can in fact feel like a nightmare.

Because HubSpot combines CRM, CMS, ESP, development pipeline, service, operations, and native integrations into one streamlined data environment, you can create a clean, highly shareable and actionable data practice that eliminates the pain that too many nonprofit team members have to endure.


4. HubSpot Includes Best-In-Class Support

Although sharing this point as #4, one of the main reasons we are enthusiastic about HubSpot for nonprofits is the excellent training and support that HubSpot provides at no additional charge. It is truly best-in-class.

FIRST, every HubSpot customer is assigned to a dedicated Client Success Manager (or in the case of Starter Suite clients, a Client Success Team), who works with your team one on one to understand your needs, challenges, and goals and help you get there.

SECOND, HubSpot clients enjoy a 24/7, unmetered direct line to a world-class, non-outsourced support team through phone, chat, and email.

THIRD, ALL HubSpot training, certifications, user guides, quick answers and community access are completely free of charge.

FOURTH, if you need additional help, HubSpot has over 6,000 Certified Solutions Partners (like BPOZ) who are ready to help with implementation, onboarding, and ongoing services. Many of these partners specialize in specific verticals (e.g., BPOZ specializes in supporting nonprofits with HubSpot), so you have many options for best, support possible.


5. HubSpot is Scalable and Affordable

Finally, whether you’re a large multinational organization with a healthy budget, a startup nonprofit with limited funds, or somewhere in between, you can probably afford HubSpot.

The incredible value of the Starter Suite, that includes generous starter versions of all five hubs, costs only $30/mo for nonprofits. For the cost of a few cups of Starbucks, you can have a website, a donor contact database, a development, grant, and major gifts pipeline, email marketing, and more.

And if and when you need more, HubSpot provides a permanent 40% discount and flexible payment terms to all registered nonprofits.

Finally, when working with a Certified Solutions Partner like BPOZ, all mandatory onboarding fees that HubSpot normally charges are waived.

While our preference for HubSpot for nonprofits is enthusiastic - there is a good reason for that.

After watching nonprofits settle and struggle with their tech for so many years, we believe they deserve better tools as they work to save the world. In all but the most unique cases, HubSpot is an excellent choice.

We would love to learn about your technology needs, and if HubSpot would indeed be a fit.

Reach out here to schedule a chat!

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