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We strive to be a
Benevolent Business.

Our mission is benevolence

Our business is rooted in a desire to advance well-being, fulfillment, and agency for everyone in our sphere of influence.

For ourselves
& each other

We seek this internally by co-creating professional lifestyles, empowered employment, and non-ideological moral clarity.

For our clients
& the world

We seek this externally by pursuing and supporting benevolent action by our clients for the betterment of humanity.

Meet the Team.


Brian Greenwald

Founder & Head, Brand Leadership

Brian founded BPOZ in 2011, following his passion to transform how brands are designed, built and led.

13 years later, Brian's brand leadership, benevolent business, and empowered employment concepts are helping organizations generate more wellbeing, fulfillment, and agency in the world as an unbeatable business strategy.

Brian can't wait to meet you and help unlock your brand leadership superpowers.


Elsa Roberts

Partner & Head, Services Delivery

Elsa is a brand strategist, designer, and activation expert practiced in the delicate art of persuasion within the social impact sector. Her 15+ year career has spanned elections, community organizing, public space, mobility, civic life, agencies, and much more.

Elsa holds an MS in Rhetoric and Technical Communication from Michigan Technological University and serves on the boards of the League of Women Voters of Alabama and the Huntsville Urban Bike Share Coop.


Join us & take the Pledge.

We adhere to the principle of non-ideological benevolence. This means there's no room for hate at our company in any form.

We pledge not to provide services to organizations listed in the Southern Poverty Law Center Extremist Files and advocate for a hate-free world.

We're proud to be Founding Sponsors of PledgeNoHate.tech.

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