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Challenge Your Brand Assumptions

The latest Curiosity Pact article (Pact Act 3: Challenge Assumptions) just dropped in the Curious Inspirations Newsletter. This is one of my favorites so far, because Challenging Assumptions is a core tenet of Brand Leadership AND the Benevolent Business Model.

Whether we are a team member, manager, senior leader, or business owner, if we want to build a TRULY Benevolent Brand, there is ONE key assumption we must challenge every single day, with one of the simplest, most challenging questions EVER:

Is it true?

Is what we believe and say about our brand TRUE? Is how we show up in the world consistent with what we say and believe? Do we deliver on what we say we are to our clients/customers, employees, industry, each other, and society?

What happens when no one is looking?

Brand Leadership is, in essence, working every day to answer this simple yet at times vexing question with honesty, transparency, and courage. Just three little words that reveal what our Brand Character truly is.

By their very nature the answers to this question automatically helps us challenge our assumptions and can guide us on the winding path to becoming a benevolent business - more on that soon.

In the meantime - please check out the article, and please subscribe to the Curious Inspirations Newsletter!

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