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Authenticity is the Heart of Brand Benevolence

As a founding partner at Curious Collaborations, I LOVE thinking about the Curiosity Pact through the lens of BRAND. This week, that lens considers authenticity as the beating heart of Benevolent Brands.

Being authentic in our fractured modern age can be challenging for individuals, teams, and organizations - yet along with POSITIVE ENERGY, it can be a great competitive advantage if designed and scaled in an honest and thoughtful manner.

Brand Character, as I think of it anyway, is as much about what we DO and who we ARE as what we SAY, and serve as the foundations that make what we say a reality. The larger the gap between who we are and what we do and what we SAY, a concept I call Brand Delta, the harder it is for us to create a vibrant, resilient, and sustainable brand.

Brand Leadership, defined in its simplest form, is summoning the courage to be PRODUCTIVELY authentic at all levels - as individuals, teams, leadership, organizations, industries, and societies.

I may be naive about this - but I have seen over my 30+ year career that the power of authenticity is real, and when wielded with empathy and humility, a generator of well-being and fulfillment for everyone it touches.

And that is the point of all this, right? To fulfill human needs.

Please enjoy the Curious Collaboration team's exploration into Being Authentic, subscribe to the Curious Inspirations Newsletter, and watch this space for more exploration into the Benevolent Business Model. So grateful for your attention, your support, and most of all, your ideas.

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